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To Understand is to Empower

Posted on July 1, 2020 Posted by Brittany Austin

To Understand is to Empower

By Understanding Something and Labeling It, We give it Power

“The process of spotting fear and refusing to obey it is the source of all true empowerment.” -Martha Beck
By accepting something and giving it a name we lend it power. Empowerment is simply the act of acknowledging that something has usefulness. The label we give it leads to greater acceptance of it. When enough people prescribe to this acceptance, this is when an idea becomes truly empowered. Whether it is positive or negative, be it a thought, a concept, or a physical thing- Once it is labelled and accepted as such it becomes a solid and concrete fact that it has value or worth. Once something is deemed worthy, it then can hold sway over people’s decisions, thoughts, and actions. With this in mind, if we fear something and we give that fear a name, if we speak this fear aloud then we breathe it into being. It’s true our thoughts become reality. As such, we should focus on those thoughts that are beneficial to us. We choose what to empower in our lives. So then, why would anyone choose to embody that which is undesirable or detrimental to our well-being?
“By naming something, we accept it. By accepting it, we give it power” -Old Homeless Guy
The sad fact is that this happens all too often. We lend our energy to things that do not serve us and in all reality will only cause us great distress. When we do such, we complicate our lives. Why? We need to empower ourselves to bigger, better, and greater things. We would, by far benefit from entertaining thoughts that build our lives up, as opposed to those that tear us down. To truly become empowered we must focus our energies towards a greater reality for ourselves and for those around us. Can you imagine for a moment, how different this world would be if every man, woman, and child on earth concentrated their focused energy on creating and empowering better humans and better opportunities? My God! We would find that Utopian society that so many of us seek. So, with this new knowledge in tow- what kind of reality will you empower today? What will you create? Which reality do you wish to live? Choose wisely and remember, that in which you label and speak to will become that which either empowers or depowers you and your reality. Bless up!

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