Spinning Classes in Chicago, IL

You may have heard about spinning before – spinning classes are the most popular type of indoor cycling training. Spinning classes at Uptown Fitness in Chicago use an exhilarating program and stationary bikes deliver an intense cardio, calorie-burning workout. The spinning program at Uptown Fitness is filled with high-intensity classes where the music is loud and the energy is high. Classes can be tailored to ensure you find a program suitable for your fitness level. Did you know that participants can burn up to as many as 1,000 calories in a 60-minute class? If you’ve never taken a spinning class before, don’t sweat it. Members are encouraged to go at their own pace and will be coached by one of our certified spinning instructors while tension and intensity vary throughout the class. Check out our group exercise schedule to find an Uptown Fitness spinning class so you can see the benefits for yourself.