Reviews *as posted to yelp*

Donald H. I happened to go to Jewl-Osco to do grocery shopping and noticed the World Gym sign was down and the gym was now called Uptown Fitness. From the outside looking in, the place looked revitalized and seemed to have a closer connection for me. Uptown Pride! I walked in and received a tour from a staff member by the name of Catalina. She was very open and honest with all my questions and gave me a thorough tour of the facility. I told her I wanted to search around to see what was the best fit for me. Uptown Fitness clearly was. Convenience is key in Chicago, I now understand that. I can walk here, drive here and do my grocery shopping, tons of equipment and never a wait. Thanks Uptown Fitness and Catalina! Ryan V. I first moved to Chicago three months ago after graduating college, and I had come across Uptown fitness just as it was transitioning from World Gym into Uptown Fitness. I have to say this is one of the best gyms I have been a part of. Considering the last gym I had a membership to was an incredible university gym, it had a lot to live up to. And I have to say, it has done a great job since undergoing it’s change. The facility runs numerous programs, encourages being healthy, and is always improving their equipment/providing for the members. The management is extraordinarily friendly and helpful and is always making sure the members are happy and are being heard (if there are ever any concerns.) The only two things that keep the gym from being 5 stars are: 1. I always believe in improvement 2. The obnoxious members who slam the weights they clearly can’t handle and are liable to break the equipment. (And management is starting to take steps to deal with them, yay!) So thank you, Uptown Fitness, for being a great and welcoming gym to this new Chicagoan! Tim T Great gym, with plenty of cardio and weight machines. They have even been updating the equipment, and I’m very impressed with the new selection. Good hours. Management is super friendly and diligent. Overall, I do not regret becoming a member here at all, and would highly recommend. Kevin C. I have been a member for just over 2 weeks now and I am very happy that I joined. The staff is friendly and helpful. There is plenty of equipment so there are no long wait times to use what you need. The price is also very affordable. Letty signed me up and she has been very helpful since my first workout. I would definitely recommend checking this gym out. Kale C. I’ve been going to UF for a few months now and love it! It’s clean, friendly and there is rarely a wait for a machine.–I forgot to mention the classes in my original review. They are great! I usually attend the Tabata class with Jordan. It’s my favorite class I’ve ever attended at any gym. She’s great!