We offer one-day passes, one-week passes, one-month passes, one-year membership, and 18-month memberships. Come into the gym during our business hours to speak with a membership service representative to learn more about the prices and other information.
We do have a couple of rules and regulations in order to help provide a safe and enjoyable environment for all users.
Entry All members must scan their card when entering the gym and must wear proper attire – workout clothes and gym shoes – as we do not allow sandals in the work out areas. In addition, no food is allowed past the front desk, but feel free to finish your snack at our tables in the lobby. Members under 18 years old must be accompanied by an adult when using the facility and no one under the age of 13 is allowed to use the facility. We do however have child daycare for those who need to bring younger children (11 and under) into the gym.
Music If you would like to listen to your own music, please bring headphones, so as to not disturb others.
Equipment Care Please wipe down the machines after you are done using them (there are spray bottles located under the paper towel dispensers located throughout the gym) and put back all weights, borrowed equipment, to their proper location when you are finished working out.
Personal Belongings We require large personal items such as gym bags to be stored in the locker rooms. Be aware that we do not have locks on our lockers so be sure to bring your own lock. Lockers are for one day use only, please remove all personal belongings from the locker at the end of each day. We are not responsible for any lost or stolen items. All members must bring their own locks and towels when using the facility.
Sauna and Steam Room Usage We require specific rules in our saunas and steam rooms, please click on the sauna and steam room underneath the amenities tab for more information regarding regulations.
Yes you may use the gym for a daily fee of $15 dollars.
All guests must be at least 18 years old and bring a valid ID with them. Guests are required to fill out a waiver and pay a fee of $10.
Some memberships automatically renew and others are non-renewable depending on what your initial contract agreement was. If you are not sure whether your membership automatically renews, feel free to ask the receptionist at the front desk.
Once each member’s original agreement has expired, members have the option to renew with another annual agreement or switch to month to month membership. When renewing with an annual agreement, members have a price lock guaranteed with the price they originally signed up with.
Members who renew their membership on a month to month basis Appropriate paperwork is necessary and must be completed at the front desk and requires a 30 day notice. Be aware that if the billing cycle falls within the 30-day notice period, you will be billed one final time. Understand that you are liable for all existing fees and charges.
Annual membership Cancellation policy If you have an annual membership, you may cancel your membership for $50 if you meet the requirements. Requirements may vary based on the reason for canceling. Accepted reasons for cancelling include: moving more than 5 miles from the gym or health conditions that occur after your enrollment date that make it dangerous for you to exercise. Make sure you bring proof of your relocation and documents that support your cause. In addition, you must give the 30 days notice, and pay off all existing fees. Be aware that if the billing cycle falls within the 30 day notice period, you will be billed one final time.If you have any questions about cancelling, feel free to come in and talk to the back office Monday – Friday 11 am – 4 pm.
Annual membership Freeze policy
Members who make an annual agreement are allowed to freeze their membership for up to 6 months per person per year. The 6 months do not have to be consecutive, but the number of freezes cannot exceed 6 months. For every month that an annual member freezes their account, they get an additional month added to the end of their membership. If a member is on an annual agreement and makes monthly payments, the payments continue as scheduled and the member receives free months at the end of their agreement, rather than skipping payments during the agreement and paying at the end.
Month to month membership Members who are on a month to month membership are allowed to freeze their account for as long as they would like. Each month that their account is frozen they will be charged $7.50 instead of the monthly rate.
The personal training sessions are tailored to each individual client. Usually, they last for about an hour but can be tailored according to each client’s needs.
Our fitness classes are free for members, all you have to do is show up for the class. You can view the class schedule underneath the group fitness classes tab. Be sure to check Facebook for any notifications regarding class cancellation or updated class schedules. Most of the fitness classes are located in the workout studio on the second level of our gym. Our spin classes are located on the first floor, near the back of the gym next to the ellipticals and administrative offices.
It is very easy to add a family member to your account. Stop in at the front desk to ask for a membership service representative. They will be able to assist you and provide information regarding the currently offered rates to help you add a family member.
At Uptown Fitness, we value our loyal members and are excited that you promote health and fitness among the people you know, including your friends and relatives. We are truly invested in the well being of our community. For each member that you refer to our gym, we add a free month of gym usage to the end of your membership in our gratitude.
It is necessary to wear goggles when entering a tanning bed for the safety of your eyes. Your eyelids do not provide enough protection from the UV rays which is why we have goggles available for you to borrow at the front desk. Be sure to ask the receptionist when you come in.