Fitness Center with Tanning

Whether going on vacation or looking for a year-round glow, a bit of a tan can help you feel more confident. But who has the time to sit in the sun for hours on end in order to get a tan? The men’s locker room has two stand-up tanning booths that run for a max of 14 minutes. The women’s locker room has one stand up booth that runs for a max of 12 minutes.

Uptown Fitness offers free tanning for members! Just ask the receptionist to set up the timer and head to the locker rooms to get a bit of color to your skin. All members must sign a waiver before their first time tanning. In addition, members are not allowed to tan more than once in a 24 hour period and must wear protective eyewear. If you don’t have goggles, we do provide protective eyewear for you to borrow at the front desk.