Locker Rooms

At Uptown Fitness, we value the privacy of our members and provide spacious locker rooms to make sure we satisfy your needs. Our only request is to ask that you bring your own lock to secure your belongings! Lockers are for one day use only, so please remove all personal belongings from the locker at the end of each day.

We want everyone to be able to fit in a workout no matter what time of day. That means that if it is your lunch hour, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to get to the gym, change, work out, shower and dress in an efficient manner without struggling with the inconveniences of a crowded, uncomfortable locker room. In addition, our locker rooms are equipped with amenities such as sauna and steam rooms designed to leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed.

It becomes easy to squeeze a workout into your day when you belong to a gym that has updated locker rooms that are designed to get you back to the rest of your day feeling fresh and new.

Don’t forget – gym members must bring their own locks for locker use.