Jimmy Chan

Jimmy has been deeply rooted in the Health and Fitness industry for over 22 years as a Body Builder (Mr. America), where he has been awarded with countless medals and certificates of Excellence for his devotion to the sport and all that he’s trained to also reach the mastery level. As a Personal Trainer and Tennis coach, Jimmy specializes in designed fitness programs (strength, cardiovascular, stretch and meditation) for individuals ranging from quadriplegic to professional athletes, Hollywood celebrities and inner city youth.

The vision of ChanClan is to bridge communities through the promotion of conscious healthy life style, including: Body Building, Body Sculpting, Weight Management, Stress Reduction, Stretch, Meditation and Corrective Postural Exercise. The styles of training ranges from calisthenics to free weights and machines.

In addition, Jimmy is an accomplished Massage Therapist/Healer, specializing in various forms of therapy including myofascial, neuromuscular therapy, trigger point release, fascial stretching, reiki, gong, meditation (walking, seated, lying or standing), and sound therapy with Didgeridoo. Furthermore, he is an experienced Tai Ji Quan Teacher who has taught in many different styles (including the Yang-Style, Sun- Style, Wu- Style, and Chen- Style) around the world including: France, Italy, Brazil, Greece, Jamaica, Australia, and of course, the USA.